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If you would like to try your hand as a Net Operator, please let Hal or Bob know and you can have a run at it.


Operators are always needed and possibly a permanent  Saturday operator.

Meet the Net Control Operators

Our operators are a very special group of people that devote their time and talent to bring you the most interesting and controlled net possible.

Net Control Logger is Jim "wild-man" KE5WM


Monday Night Net Control  Ms. Sharon KC8EO


Tuesday Night Net Control Dave N9UIE


Wednesday Night Net Control Hal "Mongo" N5JLL


Thursday Night Net Control  "Swan Bob"  KB3PET


Friday Night Net Control  Rion N5KRP

Saturday Net Control.

Saturday Night operators work on a rotating schedule (pot luck) if you will "like a box of chocolates" you never know who will be Net Control "hi hi", just a little ham humor here.