Welcome Moonies

Yea, this is the greatest amateur radio rag chew net on the planet earth or we like to believe so.

We’ve been called Moonlighters, Moonies, Moonshiners and a few other things in the past by check-ins, but we are officially the Moonlighters and proud of it.

Once you check in your a Moonlighter for life, completely free of charge but if you would like to help out by logging, becoming a net control or contributing  $$ to help keep this web site going, it is greatly appreciated.

The net meets after the Good Ole Boys Net on 7.279 mhz, Monday thru Saturday about 6:00 cst pm propagation permitting and the net is controlled by a bunch of great hams that volunteer their time to do so.

The net can be accessed by the use of Net Logger software, available on line for download here http://www.netlogger.org/  at no cost but a donation to the creators would be great too.

Hope to be hearing from you soon.

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