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Welcome to the Moonlighters Net

A place to meet the friendliest amateur radio operators on the face of the earth.

Welcome Moonies

Yea, this is the greatest amateur radio rag chew net on the planet earth or we like to believe so.

We’ve been called Moonlighters, Moonies, Moonshiners and a few other things in the past by check-ins, but we are officially the Moonlighters and proud of it.

Once you check in your a Moonlighter for life, completely free of charge but if you would like to help out by logging, becoming a net control or contributing  $$ to help keep this web site going, it is greatly appreciated.

The net is currently on 7.272 at 23:00 UTC Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, informal on Thursday and Friday normal net on Saturday, on Sunday the vintage net run by K1BCR may be starting earlier please netlogger.  The net is controlled by a bunch of great hams that volunteer their time to do so.   BEST TO CHECK OPERATIONAL TIME USING “NET LOGGER” plus you will be logged in automatically to the net and won’t have to wait for the Net Control to call for RF check-ins.

The net can be accessed by the use of Net Logger software, available on line for download here  at no cost but a donation to the creators would be great too.

Hope to be hearing from you soon.