If you would like to try your hand as a Net Operator, please let Hal or Bob know and you can have a run at it.


Operators are always needed and possibly a permanent  Saturday operator.

Meet the Net Control Operators

Our operators are a very special group of people that devote their time and talent to bring you the most interesting and controlled net possible.


Sharon ~  Tuesday Night Net Control  “Ms. Sharon” ( NA5H)


Dave ~ Monday Night Net Control Dave (N9UIE)


Hal ~  Wednesday Night Net Control Hal “Mongo”( N5JLL)


BOB ~ Thursday & Sunday Night Net Control  “Swan Bob”  (KB3PET)


Bill ~  Friday Net Control ( W5WHK)










Brian ~ Saturday Net Control (WZ5DX) New call sign!


Jon ~ (K1BCR)  Saturday Alt Net Control 






Saturday Night operators work on a rotating schedule (pot luck) if you will “like a box of chocolates” you never know who will be Net Control “hi hi”, just a little ham humor here.


Sunday “BOAT ANCHOR” Night  Net Control “Swan Bob” (KB3PET)

Fire up that old tube radio and chase us up/down the band, you are more than welcome to check-in with your new rigs to!     Just don’t tell net control he’s off frequency.    Sunday net starts earlier than regular net time.  Check-in on “Net Logger”